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NEW - Soveral Body Facial
NEW TREATMENT - Soveral Body Facial


For many years, our clients have been asking for a treatment for the whole body as good as our Signature Treatment for the face… so here it is!

The Soveral Body Facial works by bringing balance from the inside out; transforming the skin with support and nourishment to create super soft, firm skin, a lightness of body and mind, topped off with a renewed boost of energy.
The treatment involves an intense exfoliation and powerful lymphatic activation, using our new tool for dry brushing and muscle manipulation. We balance the skin’s PH with floral waters and use a nourishing massage technique that helps to extend muscles and release tension.
The treatment is completed with a specially formulated lotion that firms the skin, whilst leaving it feeling velvety and smelling heavenly.
The treatment lasts 90 minutes.
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Anti-aging Lifting Face Treatment: A Non-surgical Facelift!

“Imagine if your face could have a work out at the gym... my treatment tones the muscles allowing the face to become more youthful and radiant with immediate results. After many years of research I developed unique massage techniques, combined with science and the purity of essential oils.”       

Alexandra Soveral

Immediate results naturally. The ultimate rejuvenating face treatment.    Incorporating sculpting and deep tissue manipulation, this provides a true workout for the face. 

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soveral start set
A perfect introduction to the Soveral range, this set will help towards a healthy glow, even complexion and firmer skin.
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