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This small selection of vegetable oils offers all that is needed in terms of skin nutrition, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids - these oils are what we call ‘skin food’. 

They are absorbed into the first few layers of the skin, protecting it from environmental damage and feeding it with nutrients that are vital for its health and rejuvenation. Unlike the dermal and deeper epidermal layers, these top layers do not enjoy the nutrients that our bodies deliver, however they are responsible for keeping our microbiome in good health.  Applying oil to the skin on a regular basis is a wonderful way to keep our skin healthy and youthful.

Apart from the many nutritional and protective benefits, these vegetable oils are perfect carriers for essential oils to be delivered deeper into the skin and into the bloodstream. This process happens when the oil blend of vegetable and essential oils gets massaged into the skin, the essential oil molecules separate from the vegetable oil and enter the skin pore where it travels down and gets picked up by the blood supply. The more heat and friction we apply whilst massaging the oil into the skin, the more efficient this delivery system becomes.

Please refer to our safety and blending instructions page  

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