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    A few years ago I got a present from Hemsley & Hemsley (the healthy food Gurus of our time) that changed my life…. It was a Copper Tongue
    Scraper!!! During the night’s sleep detoxification, toxins are deposited at the back of the tongue to exit the body…. the main cause for morning bad breath. Removing this layer efficiently is the best way to aid the body to detoxify on waking up. Using a copper tongue scraper is ideal as it can be sterilised with hot water and unlike plastic won’t deteriorate and hold bacteria.

    The Seven Day Detox two


    The skin is a large detoxifying organ, many of the toxins we consume are excreted through the skin’s pores. Dry skin brushing flicks off the dead cells on the surface of the skin allowing the skin to breathe and therefore detoxify. Another major benefit of dry skin brushing is the activation of the lymphatic system.

    Lymph runs just under the skin and its main function is to carry out toxins to lymph nodes where the lymphatic liquids get cleaned and released back into the body. Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pumping system and therefore doesn’t not flow upwards as well as the blood. Dry skin brushing upwards and towards the
    heart encourages the flow of lymph in the right direction and therefore aids the body in its detoxification process.

    Dry skin brushing in the morning is very effective, as the body has been in a motionless state during sleep and as during this time the body has been busy detoxifying, the morning is the most important time to direct the toxins to its exiting points.

    Similarly, the same applies to the face, dry face brushing is essential to keep the facial tissues detoxified and to avoid puffiness.




    These are especially designed brushes for the face, being made of bio-degradable plastic means that they can be easily cleaned. The pack comes with the full Soveral Facial Brushing Technique.