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  1. 7: Connect & Neutralise #SevenDayDetox

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    Being surrounded by electrically charged objects around the clock has an effect on our own body’s electrical charge. We accumulate positively charged ions and become ‘over-charged’. The result is irrational thinking, detachment from reality and an overall feeling of heaviness and at the same time the inability to relax enough to centre ourselves.
    We need to neutralise our over loaded electrical charge and the easiest and most effective way to do it is by simply touching the earth… yes, it’s that simple! Walk bare feet, lye on the grass or hug a tree. The earth has the power to immediately absorb all that we don’t need and bring us to a neutralised and relaxed state. Eating less acid food is also a good away to help the body neutralise.

    The Seven Day Detox 7

    The constant direct connection of our bodies to the earth is something that we have lost along with the so called civilisation and modernisation of our lives. We now live in houses that are insulated from the earth, a lot of the time walk with insulated rubber soled shoes and we cover our gardens with fashionable decking and all kinds other materials to hide the beautiful earth.

    We should try at least once a day to directly connect with the earth, the obvious is to physically touch the earth for a few minutes to allow the neutralisation to complete, however this is sometimes a bit tricky for those living in very urban areas and with very urban lives. For townies the best way to ensure daily connection is to wear leather soled shoes and try to walk on as much natural ground as possible.

    There are also lots of other neutralizing solutions, such as investing in bed blankets and floor rugs that you plug into a normal home electricity socket and that connects with the earth, thus carrying out your daily overload of electrical charge.