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  1. Putting Coffee Back On The Map

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    If you are going to be a coffee drinker do it properly! Drink only good quality coffee and you will benefit from the powerful antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties of the pure coffee bean.


    With all the coffee machines in the world I always go back to my old friend, the stove espresso maker. Jorj and I start every morning with lattes made from our espresso maker and hot organic goat's milk. We like to experiment with different coffees... our favorite blends are from Whole Foods in Kensington High Street. As a special treat we sometimes splurge on super expensive coffee from the most amazing selection at Harrods.

  2. No To Sugar!

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    I’ve reading all kinds of scary stuff about sugar being the most dangerous drug of our time, and it all makes sense… so in hope of a healthier life, boosted energy levels and glowing clear skin I decided to go on a sugar detox.

    This is now my 3rd day sugar free and I now realise that all that I’ve been reading is true. I thought my diet wasn’t that much full of sugar as I don’t really eat processed foods, never had a ready meal and I’m not that much into sweet things. However my reaction to a sugar free diet has been a severe one, terrible headaches, muscular pain all over my body and rather disturbing mood swings… these withdrawal symptoms clearly tell me that sugar is most definitely a nasty drug!

    I’ve been told to eat good fats, so I’m enjoying lots of avocados, seeds and nuts. Now that I'm over the first 3 days I'll be allowing myself a little organic Goat’s Milk from St Helen’s Farm (available in Sainsburys) and a small portion of brown rice or sweet potatoes as they have less starch (the sugar part in carbs).

    I know this is going to change my life for the better and for the long run and have decided that saying no to sugar is to be a decision for life so tips on how to live a healthier sugarless life are welcome!

    Say No To Sugar!