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  1. Buxmead Scent Identity

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    After many years of designing and creating bespoke perfumes and personal care for her clients, Alexandra continues to extend her expertise. She can now add scent identities to unique and innovative property developments.

    Buxmead, a luxury gated penthouse and apartment complex situated in the prestigious London area of Hampstead, is the first to receive Soveral Scent Identity treatment.


    Alexandra was given a free hand to showcase her talents and creativity. Paying close attention to each room and its qualities, she married them with the surrounding “scents” that Buxmead sat within. Bringing the outside in, to an inspired softer note that compliments the woody tone. The main ingredient that features within the fragrance is Fir Balsam. A woody scent that is fresh and evoking a sense of safety. Giving the resident a wonderful ‘welcome home’ feeling.

    Buxmead is an intriguing concept that focuses on celebrating craftsmanship and supreme quality that exists within the building’s structure. The focus on craft makes Buxmead and Alexandra the perfect fit.

  2. Bespoke Mothers Day Blend

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    All our bespoke face & body oils are formulated with a synergetic blend of essential oils to meet our client’s personal requirements. They are nourishing and their scent is perfectly balanced, giving them a sophisticated and luxurious feel; the perfect gift to spoil our mum’s with!

    Our bespoke oils work both from an therapeutic aspect, offering relief from many emotional and physical conditions as well as purely sensory pleasure, from my 15 years of practising Aromatherapy I have found the best way of finding out what our bodies need is to simply follow our noses... whatever essential oils we are drawn to is what our bodies need.

    Do you know what your mother likes? Is it wild flowers, roses or geraniums? Or is she keen on fresh citrus scents? Maybe she’s more into herbs or earthy notes.

    Don’t panic if can’t remember anything specific, help is at hand, Sarah (my in-house very gifted Aromatherapist) and I will blend something suitable for your mum, just send us a couple of sentences about her or use our Bespoke Oil Order Form and we’ll suggest a blend for your approval. You may also decide to give her a Gift Voucher for the Bespoke Oil so that she may choose the blend herself.

    This is Sarah in action creating a Rose and Orange blend...





  3. Bespoke Cinnamon & Coco Butter Soap

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    This week I’ve been making bespoke soaps for an artist and gardener. With a job that requires so much of your hands every day, including contact harsh chemicals, it’s especially important that the hands are treated with ‘TLC’ wherever possible.

    I have put together a recipe to nourish and clean my client’s hands without her having to endure any of the dryness and irritation that anti-bacterial soap can often cause.

    Cinnamon is a predominant ingredient because, other than its delicious smell, it is one of nature’s most effective anti-bacterial agents. Other helpful effects of cinnamon include its ability to increase circulation, aid menstrual cramps and encourage the body to fight off the common cold.

    Whilst complimenting the smell of cinnamon beautifully, the coco butter gets to work at softening, nourishing and moisturising the hands.

    Inspired by nature in every aspect of her art (and in the ingredients of her soap) I rough cut her finished products to match her rustic, organic style and provided her with all the off cuts. Her useful travel soaps are also great for guest bathrooms.

    The minimum order for bespoke soaps is 6 large soaps.

    Please contact us for more information:

    Telephone: +44 (0)207 266 3577


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