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  1. I’ve reading all kinds of scary stuff about sugar being the most dangerous drug of our time, and it all makes sense… so in hope of a healthier life, boosted energy levels and glowing clear skin I decided to go on a sugar detox.

    This is now my 3rd day sugar free and I now realise that all that I’ve been reading is true. I thought my diet wasn’t that much full of sugar as I don’t really eat processed foods, never had a ready meal and I’m not that much into sweet things. However my reaction to a sugar free diet has been a severe one, terrible headaches, muscular pain all over my body and rather disturbing mood swings… these withdrawal symptoms clearly tell me that sugar is most definitely a nasty drug!

    I’ve been told to eat good fats, so I’m enjoying lots of avocados, seeds and nuts. Now that I'm over the first 3 days I'll be allowing myself a little organic Goat’s Milk from St Helen’s Farm (available in Sainsburys) and a small portion of brown rice or sweet potatoes as they have less starch (the sugar part in carbs).

    I know this is going to change my life for the better and for the long run and have decided that saying no to sugar is to be a decision for life so tips on how to live a healthier sugarless life are welcome!

    Say No To Sugar!


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