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  1. My November Diary

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    Chelsea Physic Garden


    Learn all about edible, medicinal and historical plants right in the centre of London. The Chelsea Physic Garden celebrates all things naturally beautiful and healing and the garden’s café, Tangerine Dream, serves up delicious seasonal and specially sourced food and drinks, making this an ideal lunchtime destination.

    Women Fashion Power


    The London Design Museum is celebrating powerful women and fashion so who better to be the poster girl than Vivienne Westwood, for her strong opinions, voice and style, not to mention of course her immeasurable success. That fashion design has the ability to say something significant while also empowering the wearer is why this exhibition is one to visit.

    Hemsley and Hemsley Tote Bag


    We love this Hemsley and Hemsley ‘Boil Your Bones’ tote bag. Made with ethically produced cotton it’s perfect for carrying your vegetables home for that perfect winter broth, we like picking ours out at the organic grocer on Clifton Road, Maida Vale.

    High Road House


    For a perfectly relaxing afternoon or evening High Road house in Chiswick is lovely. I recently hosted a bespoke perfume event here and the atmosphere and interior are delightfully calming. Whitewashed walls are combined with comfortable sofas and living room style features, making visitors feel totally at ease.

    The Beaumont For Breakfast

    Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.45.28

    For either a healthy yet delicious breakfast of caramelised grapefruit or the hearty eggs benedict The Colony at the recently opened Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair is wonderful. Owned by those behind the ever-popular The Wolseley the food and décor are to be expected, the extra delight comes from Antony Gormley’s sculpture, a crouching figure projecting from the architecture itself.

    Manderin Kiss Lip Balm


    As the weather begins to turn colder and windier your lips become in need of a little extra care. Our Manderin Kiss lip balm is perfect for nourishing and stimulating delicate lips, the citrusy aroma adds a warming taste of winter.

    CMA The Museum of Arts for Children in New York

    Jorj and I are on the committee. They have a art Auctioning on November the 5th. Those booking will be able to purchase a VIP ticket if they mention they are our clients. Apart from having the opportunity to access amazing art you will be supporting this most inspiring organisation that helps thousands of families a year.


    Jorj and I are very much looking forward to the Gala Dinner. Tim Pigott Smith and fellow performers will be offering a unique evening of high drama and high jinx in aid of Friendship Works. Tickets are sold out but they have a waiting list in case someone drops out.


    Screenshot 2014-11-04 11.38.55

    Artsy are an amazing resource for collecting art. With art in a wide range of style and prices they make art accessible to anyone. They are also a fantastic resource fo art education.

    Abel & Cole


    On the weeks we don’t have time to go to the Farmer’s Market, Jorj and I have an Abel & Cole box delivered. This ensures we don’t slip up with our organic fruit and veg intake… for £20 for a packed box of delicious produce for two delivered to your door, there is no excuse!

  2. My September Diary

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    Kew Gardens | Brentford Gate, London TW9 3AB


    Sarah & I went on the barefoot walk recently, unfortunately it's finished now but put it on your list of things to do next summer. Key Gardens is a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of London and now we are expecting the leaves to turn shades of amber and red it may start to get even more stunning. For now though, the exotic late summer flowers are in bloom to keep you feeling at one with nature.


    Mondrian Hotel | 20 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PD


    The new Mondrian Hotel is opening on 30th September and I've been working hard training their talented masseuses my techniques (more on this later). Based at the Sea Containers this will be the first ever Mondrian Hotel outside the U.S. New York chef Seamus Mullen of Tertulia and Luke Rayment, former Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay at Claridges will be heading up the kitchen so whether you want a Soveral massage, a delicious meal or a stylish stay, book now online!


    Porter Magazine


    It's been exciting working with Net-A-Porter over the last few months and I am thrilled the Soveral appears at the top of their Beauty Bestsellers list. I often look to Net-A-Porter for the hot new designers and what to wear each season so for me this is the perfect magazine.


    Souli | George street, Marylebone


    I stumbled upon this recently and went in because I loved the floor tiles and soon discovered the food isn't half bad either. This stylish boutique gourmet experience is my new favourite place to go for a healthy lunch in Marylebone- they have the odd not-so-healthy treat too.

  3. My August Diary

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    Breathe | Will Williams Meditation class


    During my #SevenDayDetox I spoke about breathing as one of the most important forms of cleansing. In our busy routines we often forget to focus on one of the simplest and most important things we can do- breathing. Will Williams offers 3-4 day courses in meditation and once you’ve learnt a technique you have life long access to a mediation teacher and free access to meetings. It’s the perfect thing to learn before you go on holiday to allow full enjoyment and relaxation.

    Cleanse | Roots & Bulbs


    Since starting to explore the benefits of the vegan diet I can’t get enough delicious juice. A favorite of mine being the G2 juice from Roots & Bulbs made up of cucumber, spinach, romaine, apple and herbs. Roots & Bulbs understand the nutritional value of pulp so they don’t throw any of the good stuff away. They also have 1-2 day detoxifying juice plans at £69 per day to help cleanse the body.

    Run | Net- A- Sporter

     Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 13.47.34

    Sport with style. I love getting ready to go to the gym or for a workout; everyone is getting to sports chic. Net-A-Porter’s new sports section has to be my number one choice for sportswear. It’s even separated in to sports categories, you can’t go wrong.


    Refuel | Mildreds

    45 Lexington Street, Soho, London, W1F 9AN


    Mildred’s is a delicious vegetarian restaurant in Soho that shows you how easy it is to integrate vegan meals in to our diet. Mixed mushroom pies.. sour dough burger and chips.. don’t even get me started on desserts! The people I went with were not vegetarian but we all loved the food.


    Flow | Flo Yoga

    _MG_4331 copy

    I love Flo Yoga, as do lots of my clients! Flo’s belief is “Yoga is how you breathe, hold yourself, walk and act. Yoga is how you live your life.” And on meeting her you realize this is so true. I always feel wonderful after I see her and can’t wait til the next class.


    Sparkle | Lisa Armstrong, Astley Clarke


    Lisa is a great supporter of our brand and one of mine and Jorj’s best friends is the creative director of Astley Clarke. I love the whole idea of customising your own jewellery by putting different bits together. Here are her top tips on how to select your stacking rings from a recent Astley Clarke newsletter: